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Business Excellence

Business Excellence

Business Excellence is not just a word to declare. It is the continuous pursuing of the best

Intelligile Activity Framework

Make your Organization more agile in responding to Growth, and get Access to Emerging Best Practices

Enterprise Architecture

Today's business climate and highly responsive to market changes are leading many enterprises to rely increasingly on ICT.

Business Excellence Platform

Organizational Journey of Excellence requires expertise, tools, technology and Know-how access

Intelligile Excellence Framework
In order to make an organization able to provide the maximum balanced value for all its stakeholders, Intelligile has developed an integrated Business Excellence framework that enables the quick alignment of capabilities to strategy while adhering to GRC-based Governance System. The developed Business Excellence Framework is a comprehensive framework of operations for 20 major industries.…
Intelligile Suite of Products

Intelligile developed one of the most competitive flexible tool of integrated management in the world, integrating standard methodologies as well as popular ones (such as BMM “Business Motivation Model”, BSC “Balanced Score Cards” , BPMN2 “Business Process Modeling Notation”, CMMN “Case Management Modeling Notation”, VDML…

MAP for Operation Engineering

MAP for Operation Engineering helps you model your organization business Architecture, develop detailed Business Processes(by using BPMN2.0 notations),…

MAP for Organization Project Management

MAP  for Organization Project Management (OPM) will help you to organize projects inside your organization, align them to objectives, priorize…

MAP for Governance and Risk

MAP for Governance and Risk helps you to model strategic principles, define your organization policies, business laws and…

MAP for IT Transformation

MAP for IT transformation enables your organization to develop IT principles, specify Architecture Vision, Model As-is ABB (Architecture…

MAP for IT Automation

MAP for IT Automation will help you automate your Operational processes by using an Automation Egine. All your…

MAP for Human Capital

MAP for Competencies enables your organization to develop behavioral and technical competency framework, model  organizational job family, develop Organization Structure,…

MAP for Strategy

MAP for Strategy helps you to Conduct Stakeholders analysis, track their influence, Model SWOT analysis, define drivers and influencers,…

Map for Branding

MAP for Branding enables you to define  your organization Brand Mission and Vision, identify your corporate essence, values and principles,  model…

Intelligile Activity Framework
Today there are several excellence frameworks of organizational operation that could be adopted that further the performance and the effectiveness of the Organization. Intelligile has assimilated emerging and best practices (organized along a maturity model) for all functions of the organizations and developed an integrated activity Framework "called Intelligile Activcity Framework” in over 20 industries. Intelligile…

The last decade has witnessed a surge in management's standards. Some standards are well developed; others are in their infancies. We do follow standards from different standard bodies such as OMG, the Open Group, SEI, ISO, OGC, OCEG, PMI, APQC, APICS CSS, NIST, and many more.