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Business Rule Accelerator

Business Rule Accelerator (BRA) covers business rules management to discover, document, relate, and trace business logic and requirements. BRA focuses on business-driven techniques to improve the ability to meet requirements and achieve more effective communication with users. It supports the capture and analysis of the explicit and implicit business rules that govern the operation of a business. Also It provides comprehensive traceability of rules and allows users to examine the relationships between those rules.

BRA governs the business flow and establishes the appropriate control and guidance criteria for how the business process should be conducted taking into consideration the various risks facing the business.

Business Rules are vital to any organization. They aim to guide business behavior and support the business policy that has been formulated in response to an opportunity, threat, strength or weakness. They are cost-effective (Increase the efficient employment of business resources) and have direct impact on customer service and on the company’s competitive position.

Well implementation of Business Rules enhances the business and its processes.

The Benefits of BRA

  • The business is running its day-to-day operations
  • Decrease time to Implementation
  • Help understanding the Impact of Change (Gaps and impact Analysis)
  • Facilitate communication, reuse, & training - Increase knowledge sharing
  • Identify and isolate conflicting Business Rules
  • Help conducting tactics/risk analysis
  • Sharpen the business tactics
  • Help suggesting more rules to illustrate certain issues facing rule applicability
  • Help ensure rule coverage for all possibilities
  • Capture, analyze, simulate and optimize business processes
  • Enhance rule traceability from business requirements to implementation
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