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Department of Defense Architecture Framework

The Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) is an information systems architectural framework that describes information systems in the context of integrated military operations. It includes (covers) both military and business operations. MAP™ implementation of DoDAF is manifested by offering complete support of DoDAF 26 views which are designed to document the entire architecture, from requirements to implementation. They ensure uniformity and standardization in the documentation and communication of architecture.
The 26 DoDAF views are categorized into 4:

  • All Views (AV) : is the overarching information describing the architecture plans, scope, and definitions
  • Operational View (OV) : focuses on the behaviors and functions describing the enterprise mission aspects
  • System View (SV) : describes the system and applications supporting the mission functions
  • Technical Standards View (TV) : describes the policies, standards and constraints

The Benefits of DoDAF

  • Defines a common approach for describing, presenting, and comparing DoD enterprise architectures
  • Facilitates the use of common principles, assumptions and terminology
  • Ensures that architecture descriptions can be compared and related across organizational boundaries, including Joint and multi-national boundaries
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