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Extended Business Motivation Model

The Extended Business Motivation Model (EBMM) Accelerator enables stakeholders, managers, and plan developers define, evaluate and manage all the elements related to organizations’ strategy. It also provides a schema or structure for modeling the business motivation.

EBMM adopts the Business Motivation Model (BMM) issued by Open Management Group (OMG). This is manifested by providing SWOT Assessments and modeling capabilities to Strategic Intent elements, such as Vision, Mission, Strategic Destination, ...etc. EBMM extends the capabilities of BMM by providing Strategy MAP and Business Architecture. Strategy MAP that deploys the Balanced Scorecard, entails perspective records like Customer, Financial, Internal Processes, and Learning and Growth. As for Business Architecture it describes the functional composition of the enterprise systems.

A well Implemented and conducted, EBMM leads to a clear documented and well defined business strategy that can be easily managed and evaluated. Also it leads to proper development of business processes.

The Benefits of EBMM

  • Measure critical factors in achieving the company’s missions and vision
  • Identify and define the elements of the business plan
  • Provide clear documented strategy
  • Articulate and define objectives
  • Help executives implement organizations’ plans
  • Allow an organization assess business strategy
  • Help an organization monitor its performance which leads to increase in revenues and minimal wastes
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