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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extended Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture mainly focuses on implementing and aligning four types of architectures: Business Architecture, Technology Architecture, Information Architecture and Data Architecture. We extended this concept to include the architectures for the nine disciplines of an enterprise: governance, strategy, processes, culture, branding, organization competencies, capabilities, automation and organization project management (OPM).

What kind of industries do you serve?

We serve a wide variety of vertical industries including: aviation, military and defense, engineering, construction, hospitality, retail, academia, transport, utilities and many more.

Do you offer consultancy?

We do offer consultancy services and business management solutions. We have a consultancy team that can work with you to identify organizational problems and risks and implement forecast plans. If you wish to benefit from our consultancy services please contact our support team.

Do you offer training for the products?

We offer training for our products upon request. We can train your staff so that they will be able to work and benefit from the purchased product. For further information please contact our support team.

What if I want to try your products?

If you wish to try our products we can offer you a 30-day free trial. To download MAP please click HERE .

How can I buy your product?

Some of our products consist of specific solutions with specific licenses. Licenses can be purchased based on the desired solutions that are compatible with your company’s needs. For more information please contact our Sales Team..

What about license renewal or software maintenance?

You have to contact the support team. and they will provide you with the license renewal process.
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