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Information Technology Architecture Accelerator

Large Enterprises are searching for a solution for their IT Architecture that is not limited to hardware and software issues and not only related to computers and related components. They are looking for a full “Plan Package” that aims to transform an organization from the “as-is” to the “to-be” situation, with clear and defined steps and with a clear path of how it will migrate to the new targets over time taking into consideration risks that could arise and need to be managed. Intelligile offers this solution through the Information Technology Architecture Accelerator which addresses the following views: business activities and processes, data sets and information flow/exchange and communication, applications and software, and technology.

The Benefits of ITAA

  • Enhance communication between different IT components
  • Minimize the gap between business and IT and better aligning it with business
  • Prevent duplication of systems that might already be used elsewhere in the organization
  • Manage IT assets within an enterprises
  • Provide a clear overview of the IT assets and components
  • Manage and track all parts of an IT investment
  • Enable Allocating resources used throughout the investment’s life cycle

Intelligile’s ITAA is divided into 6 packages; each one tackles a specific area in the information technology field. These packages are: Information Exchange, IT Portfolio Management (ITPM), Security, Governance, Architecture Building Blocks (ABB), and Network.

  • Information Exchange: allows the Exchange of information between two objects which have their own definitions and format for both technical and business metadata.

  • ITPM: provides a management discipline to improve the return on the IT investments. It is used for sets of items (physical components, software components an dependency between them, data management, IT agreements and observations...) managed by enterprise information technology capabilities to support the whole business.

  • Security: aims to protect data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption. It supports e-commerce requirements for identification, authentication and non-repudiation Functions: Authorize and Control Access, Track trends, and report security issues, Control access to network, data, application and information, Implement security policy and mechanisms, ability to audit and monitor the security mechanisms. It also provides software and potentially hardware to support mechanisms which control access to computing resources (hardware,data,programs,networks).
  • IT Governance: contains a set of rules, principles, standards and protocols. Organizations with effective IT governance constantly generate better returns on IT investments for their shareholders than organizations that don’t have effective governance.

  • ABB: includes modular components with which the architecture Conceptual and Logical Views are developed. It is known as Architecture Building Block because it is an architecture model that provides various views of the architecture. Each Building Block represents a discrete functional requirement needed to meet business IT requirements.

  • Network: allows sharing of information and data between departments, managers, stakeholders and employees, in addition to the sharing between various branches, partners and/or customers. The network package establishes a link between people, computers, data, and various information technology components. It addresses the different types of networks that use wired or wireless connections. Examples on network types are office networks, peer to peer networks, client/server networks, (PAN), (LAN), Campus Area Network (CAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), (WAN) and also Internetwork, Intranet, Extranet.

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