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Model , Analyze and Publish

Intelligile MAP™, which stands for Model, Analyze and Publish, is a comprehensive and powerful modeling solution for developing a complete Electronic Blueprint for an organization. It is the ideal tool to integrate, in one multi-user product, the most elaborate support for Enterprise Architecture, Business Landscape, Strategic Intent, Value chains, Business Processes, Organizational Structures, Knowledge, Skills, Applications, Six Sigma, Business Rules, Value Management, UML2.1, and Information and Technology infrastructures.

Based on powerful technology that mimics the functionality of a human brain, MAP™ offers an exceptional environment to perform analytics, "what-if" scenarios, Gap analysis, Impact analysis and Custom Analysis. Its fully customizable publishing engine generates a comprehensive and hyperlinked html representation of models, reports and much more. In addition, it can generate output in any desired representation such as Word, SILK, CSV and XML. All this is combined in a very user friendly tool that is designed to help Enterprise Architects, Business and IT Analysts, and Strategic Planners to get the most out of their organization's blueprint. The tool's meta-model is fully accessible and can be extended graphically without a single line of code.

KnowledgeBase Engine

At the heart of Intelligile MAP™ is the powerful intelligent KnowledgeBase engine. Based on a neural net and semantic network design, each element of information is defined by its characteristics and relationships to other objects. Every object, or node in the network, may "refer" to an infinite number of other information nodes. The Kinetic Information Engine, like a brain, is a powerful inference engine that verifies the applicability of all rules as new objects are created. As new rules are added, it ensures that existing objects do not violate these rules.

The information objects in MAP™ can have visual representation and, using MAP™ graphic tools, these objects can be instantiated, populated with their instance-specific information and then linked using graphical tools. These links are retained in the KnowledgeBase and become the basis that MAP™ uses to dynamically generate a complete KB image in a variety of static output formats, including HTML, spreadsheets, documents and XML. Users merely need a standard Web browser to view the generated HTML output, which has fully-linked objects, including graphical models, documentation, diagrams, strategic concepts, and plans.

Report Engine

Intelligile complements its MAP™ technology with a powerful, customizable, and sophisticated publisher that traverses the KnowledgeBase and publishes advanced reports. The expansion-script publisher uses an expansion mechanism to go over the KnowledgeBase and generate output. Using specific built templates, you can generate hyperlinked Web pages that represent the KnowledgeBase. This allows the knowledge to be shared over an Intranet using standard Web browsers. Users can also generate advanced analysis reports to discover gaps, redundancies and dependencies and perform impact analysis or other kinds of analysis.


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