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Customization Kit

Intelligile makes the same kit used to build its add-on Accelerators available to you. The Kit uses a graphical interface, and does not use any code. Complex Meta-models are defined using the simple graphical interface of drawing a UML2.1 class. Any meta-class available in the KnowledgeBase can be reused and extended. Meta-models support all UML2.1 models in addition to dynamic classification, complete and incomplete partition and intersection, which enable you to define sophisticated meta-models beyond the limitation of UML2.1. Forms can be defined on any meta-concept. A meta-concept can have more than one form and automatically inherit all the forms of its super-class. Forms and queries are defined and built graphically. In short, the Customization Kit provides you with the ability to extend available accelerators and build your-specific one, enabling the adaptation of the tool to your working methodologies and practices which is a highly needed requirement in the Field of Enterprise Architecture. It extends MAP™ modeling environment to support modeling methods beyond those contained in Intelligile MAP™ or the available add-on Accelerators. Your customization can include new modeling concepts, tools, forms, icons and queries; all customized using the same easy user interface.

Why MAP™?

Organizations have to build the capability to quickly respond to market change. The only way to anticipate and understand change is to capture the major components of the organization in an intelligent knowledgebase. MAP is the solution for your organization since you can:

  • Increase the value of the organization by transforming its knowledge capital into a tangible, retainable and maintainable asset that integrates people, process, costs, and technology.
  • Increase the effectiveness inside the organization by transforming it into a learning organization.
  • Enable the organization to respond quickly to customers, political and management demands by aligning functional and technology infrastructure to the business direction.

Benefits of Intelligile MAP™

  • Capturing a blueprint for the enterprise enables collaboration and produces knowledge capital - Tangible Asset
  • Using Unifying Consensus & Standards - everyone talking the same language.
  • Understanding the Impact of Change (Analysis/Gaps)
  • Tracing everything from business requirements to implementation
  • Gain Technology Independence
  • Optimize current performance and position for change
  • Leverage new technologies, new ideas, and new skills to drive innovation
  • Modify and automate business processes and activities across functional groups to improve efficiency and cohesion and to eliminate conflicting initiatives

Intelligile software and services give management unparalleled abilities to dynamically visualize, strategize and respond to changing opportunities or threats faster and better than any combination of competing products and services in the market today. With solutions enabling management to align strategy and operations across an entire organization, Intelligile empowers management to move rapidly and confidently to exploit market opportunities.

"It is commonly believed that innovations create changes - but few ever do. Successful innovations exploit changes that have already happened."
Peter Drucker


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