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The Open Group Architecture Framework

The Open Group Architecture Framework

The alignment of IT Architecture with the strategy of business architecture becomes a need for every enterprise. This is particularly experienced by enterprises that, to their disappointment, realize they have spent quantities of time and money to get a coherent IT Architecture yet without reaching the expected results.

Intelligile provides an accelerator called TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), a methodology driven and proven step-by-step solution, to translate business needs and requirements into IT requirements. It "enables users to design, evaluate, and build the right architecture for their organization, and reduces the costs of planning, designing and implementing architectures based on open systems solutions", The Open Group.

What is TOGAF?

TOGAF as a framework is a detailed method and a set of supporting tools for developing IT and Enterprise Architecture. It is a framework that is used to build enterprise architecture from A to Z. It is divided into two main parts:

  • ADM: (Architecture Development Method) is a high level, phases’ based method or a workflow that is used to distinguish how to build, maintain and implement an enterprise architecture
  • Enterprise Continuum: During the application of the ADM, assets are created or drawn from existing assets, then used, modified and returned to the virtual repository

TOGAF includes a set of tools and techniques to build TOGAF (as a framework) and TOGAF ADM (as phases) called Resource Base.

The Benefits of TOGAF

  • The technical advantages that result from good enterprise architecture bring important business benefits, which are clearly visible in the bottom line:
    A more efficient IT operation:
    • Lower software development, support, and maintenance costs
    • Increased portability of applications
    • Improved interoperability and easier system and network management
    • Improved ability to address critical enterprise-wide issues like security
    • Easier upgrade and exchange of system components
  • Better return on existing investment, reduced risk for future investment:
    • Reduced complexity in IT infrastructure
    • Maximum return on investment in existing IT infrastructure
    • The flexibility to make, buy, or out-source IT solutions
    • Reduced risk overall in new investment, and the costs of IT ownership
  • Faster, simpler, and cheaper procurement:
    • Buying decisions are simpler, because the information governing procurement is readily available in a coherent plan.
    • The procurement process is faster - maximizing procurement speed and flexibility without sacrificing architectural coherence.
  • Architecture Forum – Vision
    • An effective open framework and method for architecture
    • Architecture as a professional discipline
    • Adequate "Commercial Off-The-Shelf"; architecture tools
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