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MAP TeamWork™ is a secure, simple and configurable client/server application that can provide your company with a highly collaborative environment among enterprise architecture modelers. MAP TeamWork™, which is built on top of MAP’s core, provides a big picture overview of challenges (of the business or projects) and allows users to divide the complexity of these challenges into smaller parts called “tasks”. It also helps modelers capture, analyze, design, and implement Business strategies and Business elements (processes, applications, data, IT Architecture…) in a shared and mutual environment.

What are its elements:

Enterprise Architecture work is very huge, especially if the aim of a project is to cover all its elements and its extended parts. Its work needs to be structured into projects, and workgroups need to be completely defined by assigning people to their specific tasks. TeamWork™ has been deployed to easily structure a project (KBC) by dynamically dividing it into its different tasks, using the Configurable Element Packages (CEP) found in MAP™. Project development is supported with effective and coordinated communication between TeamWork™ roles.

TeamWork™ roles are mainly divided into Architect and Modelers:

First: Architect privileges (also called Project Manager). Users who have architect privileges can set-up the working environment structure. The Architect's role is to create a new KBC and set the project’s area. The Architect furthermore divides the project into tasks.

Second: Modeler, Senior Modeler and/or Supervisor privileges. Users who work in such environment, insert all kinds of information and model them.

There is moreover an Administrator involved in Teamwork project's setup. The Administrator's role is to specify users’ Groups, privileges & assign projects.


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