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Intelligile grants MAP TeamWork™ as a solution that tackles the following issues:

1. Interdependencies

Shared or corporate goals are the basics for any teamwork and they are one of the essential components of the “Team concept”. They result in encouraging interdependency work among individuals because each person needs to know what he is going to contribute.

2. Cohesiveness

Every project or work can be divided into well defined tasks. Misinterpretation of task boundaries may lead to teamwork conflicts and lack of cohesion. Such disadvantages can be solved when members succeed in switching from being self-work oriented into task oriented, and thus one task-oriented team. MAP TeamWork™ offers well defined task distribution over various project members. This leads to a cohesive workflow that eases solving teamwork conflicts.

3. Roles

Every team sets its collaborative environment and develops a set of roles serving in good management. In task oriented teams, it is essential that the role structure enables the team to effectively deal with project and tasks’ requirements. In addition, dynamic consideration of the roles’ structure can be an important part of a team building exercise. MAP Teamwork provides users with principal roles which are: administrator, architect, senior, supervisor and modeler.

  • Administrator: Defines users group, privileges and assigns tasks
  • Architect: Builds the Master KnowledgeBase and creates projects
  • Senior Modeler: Models, commits for him/herself and sometimes submits his work for reviewing
  • Supervisor: Models, Commits and supervises seniors and modelers by reviewing their submitted sessions
  • Modeler: Models and submits his/her work for reviewing

These principal roles grant users a complete project tasks distribution solution, powerful teamwork administration and project managing since no one can exceed the responsibilities of other roles.

4. Communication

Whenever we talk about teamwork, we talk about the “communication and its effectiveness” among individuals. Effective communication is vital for a smooth project flow. Furthermore, it is essential for effective knowledge sharing. As a part of its teamwork solution, Intelligile provides users with a “Project Pane” which includes all needed information that can be shared by all roles mentioned above.


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