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Intelligile is an international company that works on developing integrated management systems (of tools, methods, techniques and people) enabling companies to become “intelligently agile” in the market place, supporting them to build the capability of understanding the business landscape, develop a winning strategic plan and quickly align their implementation to the evolving strategy.

Global Services Group

A global network of highly committed certified professionals that meet our standards and share our values of making you the center of our business. Whatever is your quest in the journey of excellence and whatever is you status, our team will make an assessment of your situation and craft with you a roadmap for excellence. 

Our Vision

To be the leading innovator and provider of solution (tools, methodologies, emerging & best-practices, and know-how) that enables organizations to become intelligently agile ones.

Our Mission

To provide and support organizations with the most effective solution that transforms them to be intelligently agile ones leveraging beneficial knowledge as they are striving toward excellence.

Customer Centric
Value Adding
Staying True
Our History

Intelligile Group was established in 2006. We are experts in Business Excellence, with years of experience in advanced management and Business Excellence (in fortune 100 companies), who provides clients access to worldwide integrated methodologies & best practices - Supported with Business Excellence Platform called MAP- in order to enable them strengthen and /or build their own capabilities, leveraging organizational knowledge & intellectual power. Our People are Innovators in the area of Business Excellence (methodology and tools), and contributors to some of the world standards for certain Modeling Languages and Ontologies.


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