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Intelligile Activity Framework

Intelligile Activity Framework

Today there are several excellence frameworks of organizational operation that could be adopted that further the performance and the effectiveness of the Organization. Intelligile has assimilated emerging and best practices (organized along a maturity model) for all functions of the organizations and developed an integrated activity Framework "called Intelligile Activcity Framework” in over 20 industries. Intelligile Activity framework is the most-comprehensive one and is aligned with some familiar frameworks such as APQC process framework, APICS CSS frameworks, BIAN and eTOM. Intelligile consistently looking for frameworks, emerging and best practices to combine them in our integrated framework that provides a consistent and coherent representation leveraging the vast world-wide knowledge. We continue to synthesize knowledge from standards bodies, thought leaders, experts, popular practices, as well as our own experience to provide a coherent, domain-based, maturity-level applicable emerging and best-practices.

it is a comprehensive and well-developed framework (which consists of 14 activities: 4 core, 5 support and 5 generative and growth), that is applicable to any organization or government agencies. While good deal of both the Activity and Management (Intelligile 9 Disciplines of Business Excellence) Frameworks will not exist in most SMEs, assessing against the framework will provide a unified scale to determine the maturity of the organization, benchmark against peers locally, regionally and internationally, and help our team to design a practical progressive development plan.  Understanding current and aptitude for internally developing capabilities will provide a light on best approach to enable the business or organization under assessment.


Our experts will help you conduct high level assessment against Intelligile Assessment Framework  (FAM) which includes: Intelligile Activity Framework , Intelligile Management Framework , Targeted Market, Business Model, Financial Management, Current Personnel Competency, Personnel Learning Aptitude, to discover business potential enhancements (while conducting a high level Operation Discovery and Exploration), and form project Team in order to follow-up project improvements with.