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MAP™ Dashboard is a visualization tool that helps integrating information from multiple components into a unified display. Through MAP™ Dashboard, you can:

  • Convert quickly and communicate the complex corporate data into a meaningful display of charts, graphs, measures and other formats
  • Enable decision-makers to quickly analyze key performance indicators (KPI) and other critical corporate information
  • Provide a 360 degree view of any activity
  • Allow the accurate track of changes and trends in complex, distributed systems and business development projects for a period of time

Key Benefits:

  • Measure factors critical for achieving the company’s missions and vision
  • Deep visibility on a specific business area or business process activity
  • Organize and present information in an easy way
  • Provide a simple and fast access to all the relevant information
  • Provide a more detailed visual representations
  • Ability to analyze trends and more effectively manage their areas of responsibility
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