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Intelligile Excellence Framework

Intelligile Excellence Framework
In order to make an organization able to provide the maximum balanced value for all its stakeholders, Intelligile has developed an integrated Business Excellence framework that enables the quick alignment of capabilities to strategy while adhering to GRC-based Governance System. The developed Business Excellence Framework is a comprehensive framework of operations for 20 major industries. Its practical approach is based on 9-Disciplines and “maturity model” composed of five levels that enables the gradual evolution of any operation through iterations of improvement over years to come.
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9 Disciplines


Intelligile has developed an integrated management framework of excellence composed of nine disciplines:

1. Strategic Planning

2. Operation Engineering

3. ICT Enterprise Architecture

4. Business Automation

5. Human Capital Competency Management

6. Organizational Culture Management

7. Brand Management

8. GRC (Governance, Risks, Performance and Compliance)

9. Organizational Project Management


The framework integrates the latest standards and winning methodologies and is complemented with our unique approach to form a coherent and smooth quick realization from strategy to capabilities, all while adhering to GRC-based Governance system.


The application of the "9 Disciplines" hand-in-hand with the Developed "Intelligile Management Framework" will enable a gradual development for organization capabilities, according to a well-developed maturity level.


The seven different maturity levels are:

1. Aware

2. Defined

3. Practiced

4. Capable

5. Mature

6. Expert

7. World class. 


An organization elevates its actual level of maturity to the highest level through completing a full cycle of evolution.

Maturity Model


Building a capability is a transformation journey. It is achieved by consistent progress towards the best. Intelligile experts have developed a well-integrated Maturity Model that goes from no capability, or ad-hoc capability, towards the optimized capability.


There are five levels: non-existing, ad-hoc, well-defined, managed, improved, and optimized. It is not necessary for every organization to reach the highest level of capability maturity for all its functions or disciplines. However, it is necessary for an organization to at least achieve level 2 for all, to strive for level three on most, and to differentiate itself with one or two functions or disciplines at level 4 and 5.


Our team went further in building an overall activity framework for over 20 industries, and assimilated “maturity-leveled best practices” for common functions as well as core ones. It also developed a transformation plan from one maturity level to another to help an organization realize the implementation of these best-practices.

"Organization" as a Story


An organization elevates its actual level of maturity to the highest level through completing a full cycle called:  Business as a Story Cycle.


In each cycle of evolution, the Organization will apply intelligile framework and tools through the following:

  • Members of the organization collaborate on creating the models of what needs to be done (the story)
  • Everyone in the organization needs to understand their part of the story (viewpoint)
  • Members follow their plan (models in the story) and transition to the “to-be”
  • Learning from experiencing (live) the story, they assess the success, monitor performance, and identify areas for improvement.
  • They evolve their plans and start the cycle again