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Intelligile developed one of the most competitive flexible tool of integrated management in the world, integrating standard methodologies as well as popular ones (such as BMM “Business Motivation Model”, BSC “Balanced Score Cards” , BPMN2 “Business Process Modeling Notation”, CMMN “Case Management Modeling Notation”, VDML “Value Delivery Modeling Language”, TOGAF9.1, UML2.5, Archimate2, Competency Framework, PMP, P3M3, PRINCE II, etc..) with ISO quality standards as well as Intelligile own methodologies to provide a comprehensive integrated framework of Business Excellence that is accepted worldwide by large organizations and government agencies. Intelligile MAP enforces systematic and abstract thinking and saves thousands of hours needed to maintain your knowledge maps.  


MAP for Operation Engineering

MAP for Operation Engineering helps you model your organization business Architecture, develop detailed Business Processes(by using BPMN2.0 notations), Communicate Business Architecture with all departments, units and individuals; connect activities to their correspondant objectives, identify and model "as-is" and to "to-be" Operation Architecture, perform analysis types like: gap analysis, impact analysis, cost analysis.

MAP for Organization Project Management

MAP  for Organization Project Management (OPM) will help you to organize projects inside your organization, align them to objectives, priorize between objectives, See impact of a certain project on the organization’s strategy, Identify their stakeholders and perform analysis for their power and interest on projects, Manage overall cost of the projects and identify time box and drivers.

MAP for Governance and Risk

MAP for Governance and Risk helps you to model strategic principles, define your organization policies, business laws and regulations, relate rules with architectural elements that need to be governed, conduct risk assessment for strategy map objectives, model risk objectives to create a risk Map, Conduct Risk scenario analysis, articulate and model KRI (Key Risk Indicators).

MAP for IT Transformation

MAP for IT transformation enables your organization to develop IT principles, specify Architecture Vision, Model As-is ABB (Architecture Building Block) and SBB (Solution Building Block), Assess ABB severity, Conduct Gap Analysis, Model To-be ABB and To-Be SBB, develop transition and transformation plan that shows an enterprise transitional phases when going from as-is architecture to the to-be.

MAP for IT Automation

MAP for IT Automation will help you automate your Operational processes by using an Automation Egine. All your processes should be designed using BPMN2.0 Modeling Notation, then generated in a specific XML Format, in order to help you manage exectution of processes including the management of processes activities, tasks and users roles.

MAP for Human Capital

MAP for Competencies enables your organization to develop behavioral and technical competency framework, model  organizational job family, develop Organization Structure, define responsibilities to roles (played inside the organization), relate organization’s Positions to the developed job family, define each competency on the scale of maturity competency, set proof points for each competency (for all maturity levels), define required roles played for executing all business activities.

MAP for Strategy

MAP for Strategy helps you to Conduct Stakeholders analysis, track their influence, Model SWOT analysis, define drivers and influencers, identify your strategic priorities, cascade objectives to sub-organizations, align objectives to drivers and principles, develop integrated strategy MAPs and define course of actions for your objectives, as well as KPIs.

Map for Branding

MAP for Branding enables you to define  your organization Brand Mission and Vision, identify your corporate essence, values and principles,  model the winning themes, define your current and future promise as well as your unique selling proposition, Model your corporate brand personality’s (look, talk & think) and align them to the values and principles, relate Brand Architecture with its core practice areas & any “Sub-brand”, define brand pillars and proof points to easily integrate with other disciplines.

Intelligile MAP


Based on Semantic Network (deterministic Neural Net), our tool support the latest frameworks and methodologies standards, and is truly meta-model based that allows the training of new methodologies as well as the augmentation of existing ones.


Intelligile MAP™, which stands for Model, Analyze and Publish, is a comprehensive and powerful modeling solution for developing a complete Knowledge Maps for an organization. It is the ideal tool to integrate, the most elaborate support for Enterprise Architecture, Business Landscape, Strategic Planning with Business Motivation Model and Balanced Score Cards, Operation engineering and BPMN, IT Architecture with TOGAF9 and Archimate, Service Model, Business rules, Roles management, Business Automation framework, Competency Framework with skills and responsibilities, Organizational Structure, Strategic Brand Management, Organizational Culture Management, GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance), and Organizational Project Management with Prince II, OPM and P3M3 as well as DoDAF. The solution supports the full life cycle of modeling, communicating and publishing, monitoring implementation of planned Knowledge Maps, measurement, performance and evolution of models. Based on technology that mimics the functionality of the brain, the tool is natively meta-model driven and come with a very rich of model types that cover all aspects of an enterprise (The meta-models are fully customizable and expandable).