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MAP 2.2 release

Intelligile is pleased to announce the MAP2.2 software release. This version is distinguished by many important features and enhancements that ease our customers’ work. You can now download MAP 2.2 from the link on our website.

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MAP2.2 Features

Highlights at a glance

Intelligile is committed to be customer oriented and provide customers with new products’ releases that contain additional features and functionalities for customers’ benefits and convenience. A list of new features was introduced to best express MAP™ new friendly look, flexibility and additional characteristics.

  • Partner Extension

    It is a segment made especially for our partners to define their own concepts to be used by their customers. It also enables our partners' customers to define their own concepts in a separate segment using the customization capabilities. This feature eases our partners' work, saves time, and ensures concept compatibility of the customized models to better review and assess work done by customers.

  • Generic Import/Export

    When Exporting or Importing files from/to MAP™, these files will have .xap which is MAP™ customized schema of XML. .xap can be transformed to any XML standard for example .xmi and .bpel. This means that the user can now import into MAP™ information exported from other applications that supports standards such as xml, xmi and BPEL. The same applies when exporting information from MAP™ to other applications. A user can export any information from MAP™ into .xml format to use them in external applications.

  • Anchored and Chained Diagrams

    MAP™ has extended the customization capabilities by enabling the users to add details to an object and to specify the type of anchoring (implemented by, assessed by, defined by...). In other words, it enables you to easily anchor an object to a diagram or object and chain the objects related to anchored diagrams. The user can now experience the benefits of a more organized and clear relations expressed semantically and graphically.

  • Relationship and Objectified Relationships

    This feature enables you to make use of already defined relationships patterns. It allows you to identify the type of the relationship you want. It eases the connection between two objects benefiting from the objectified relationships. It saves the user a lot of time and effort.

  • Classification Group

    The Classification Group allows the user to define his own classification group by adding the classification he wants. This enhancement helps the user easily locate and assign the right classification.

  • Basic Form

    The Basic Form is the one that can be invoked at any time facilitating entering, viewing, or modifying information about an object or multiple objects.

  • Default Forms

    This feature allows a number of frequently used forms to be enabled by default which eases navigability and saves time.

  • Popup Forms

    This feature enables the user to assign a form that will be invoked automatically at creation. It facilitates the viewing or entering of all needed information instantly.

  • XOR (exclusive OR)

    This feature allows some connections to be mutually exclusive for certain objects. It eases work and reduces conflicts.

  • ACG Result Window

    This feature facilitates viewing reports through enabling navigation of HTML report from within MAP™.

  • ACG Commands

    MAP's list of commands is extended to include more commands that facilitate the viewing of all Information related to our Abstract Code Language ACL reports.

  • Organization's Project at Creation

    This feature sets a prerequisite for defining your organization. In this way, you can easily relate your work to the corresponding organization. It allows the user to easily define a new organization or import an existing one.

  • Show Brief Description Option

    It displays a brief description of object as tool tip. The user can instantly view information about objects.

  • Extended Name Option

    This option when enabled, the user can append a name to the original one. It helps in distinguishing objects and facilitates project's organization.

  • Package Color

    This feature enables the user to differentiate concepts in different layers by the use of different color for each layer.

For further information you can contact us at support@intelligile.com.

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