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Business Excellence




If you are looking for growth and business improvement, our experts will provide you reliable solutions that address your needs. Our team will provide you access to worldwide integrated methodologies & best practices, supported with Business Excellence Platform called MAP, which help your company to develop and strengthen its internal capabilities, streamline company's day-to-day management, leverage organizational knowledge & intellectual power, and figure out new ways to increase effectiveness, performance and /or productivity. 


In all provided service line, our approach will be an architecture-based approach which facilitates focus on the alignment and management of strategy, business processes, and information needs. In addition to the above, we provide the methodologies, the best-practices, the tools and above all the team that will provide mentorship, coaching, and assistant to evolve through this demanding journey.  Responding to change is a continuous effort. Organizations must build the internal capability to manage it.

Business Excellence
Acquiring Business Excellence disciplines  will help you increase your organization productivity, efficiency and to quickly change strategy and respond to the changing business environment.
Enterprise Architecture
Setting Enterprise Architecture (EA) office— will help your business to align your enterprise’s operations, including business functions, processes, and information systems, with its business goals and strategic direction.
Business Improvement
This service will be dedicated for SMEs. Our team will help you improve your internal capabilities, and develop them based on different dimensions through an application of a well-designed program, tailored to your business needs.
Acceleration Support
This service will help your business to accelerate in one or more of intelligile nine disciplines (Business Excellence disciplines). It will be dedicated for medium-to-large companies and government agencies. 
Growth Program
If you are groups, industries or NGOs who are looking for growth or integration of specific best practices, this service will support your growth through having well integrated strategies, and improve your execution capability.
Model Driven Development
This service will be dedicated to organizations who are looking for Institutionalisation, or to be leading organizations in the market, in order to estaish or to mature their operations, through applying intelligile tools, methogologies and approa

Global Services Group


Global Service Group stands ready to assist you in setting, growing, augmenting your internal capability. In addition to our team expterise, our tools, technology, maturity-level best-practices will help you acquire the capability of transformation, the successful journey of excellence is no longer a dream but an attainable reality.

Our passion for excellence, lead us to innovate a comprehensive solution to enable this journey. We as a world still have a lot to learn, and our team is continuously on the frontier of creativity and learning. We have in one group all the ingredients and the tools to make it happen in an attainable way.