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An eye on the problem

Any observer of the market can realize that the fast and changing technological innovations act as the greatest impact on organizations. This fact affects the business cycle which continuously gets shorter. Today an organization must set its strategy in adherence to the technological innovations in IT (IT mainly supports the Business Processes in an organization) in order to survive and win competition; or else it will end up in misalignment between strategy, processes and capabilities (mainly IT). While strategic planning sets the direction of an organization, no one can assume that this strategy will be fixated for the next five years. It must continuously evolve to respond to the business/market landscape, thus taking advantage of emerging opportunities and responding to external threats. Processes need to be aligned to the evolving strategy, as well as the organization’s capabilities need to be enhanced in order to support the evolving processes. Roles & responsibilities should be driven from evolving business and process architectures.

Beyond enterprise architecture

To establish and maintain alignment, a Dynamic Extended Enterprise Architecture solution must be implemented. This architecture, that relates strategy to processes and supporting capabilities coupled with setting the right organization culture, becomes one of the essential tools of managing change. Enterprise Architecture can no longer be performed in the white space of an organization. We identified nine different areas of Extended Enterprise Architecture: governance, strategy, processes, culture, branding, organization competencies, capabilities, automation and organization project management (OPM). In order to build an effective, intelligent, and agile organization, the nine different disciplines in understanding and acquiring, applying, leveraging and visioning their correspondent area of architecture must mature together to give the organization the maximum benefit.

Maturity model for agile organizations

We identified five levels of enterprises’ maturity: Unfocused, Aware, Capable, Mature & Best-In-Class. Our solution consists of both disciplines and software that enable an organization to reach the level of Best-In-Class maturity over time. The traditional way of adopting best-of-class and hiring the best consultants will no longer give the required results as the business cycle has shrunk to a level where any set of strategic recommendations becomes obsolete before being able to implement them. One should assume a six-month cycle review of strategy. Without an alignment between discipline and technology, it is very hard to execute on any changing strategy. Bringing people to the level of dealing with this constant change without the right disciplines and tools proved to be fatal.

An Organization that benefits from our solution tends to be intelligent and agile, enabling it to respond faster than its competitor, win in the market place, and grow in an increasing competitive advantage.

Governmental solutions

Governmental agencies and ministries can also benefit from our solution to manage complexity and reduce conflicts in the sectors of Defense and Military, Agriculture, Economics and others. Governments adopting our solution tend to be intelligent, dynamic, agile and more responsive to the changing environment. The solutions we offer are compatible with international frameworks and standards; the defense solution is compatible with the DoDAF architecture framework.

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